KnotBody® Technology

Ion Channel Targeting Antibodies

IONTAS has developed a novel antibody format (KnotBody®) that facilitates targeting of ion channels, GPCRs and proteases. These proteins have typically been difficult to target using conventional antibody-based technologies.

The KnotBody® format combines ion channel modulating functionality of naturally occurring cystine-knot mini proteins (e.g. venom toxins) with the specificity and in vivo half-life of monoclonal antibodies. This is achieved by fusing the cystine-knot mini protein into peripheral CDRs of the antibody VL domain. KnotBody® libraries can be generated and screened for enhanced target binding, specificity and functionality. We have created a novel bi-specific and bi-valent format with benefits over existing formats. We have already created Knotbody® molecules targetting three different ion channel targets.


  • Function
    Utilising millions of years of toxin evolution for functional ion channel modulation
  • Selectivity
    Improved selectivity through concurrent engineering of antibody and knottin components
  • Selection in Antibody Background
    Conveys IgG-like properties on final KnotBody® lead molecules
  • Capability to develop novel bispecific therapeutics
    Use of differing functionalities in the heavy and light chain or antibody arms to drive bispecific functionality

Working with IONTAS

We offer the KnotBody® technology platform for screening antibodies against ion channels, projects and collaborations are performed within our Cambridge (UK) facilities by expert project teams. We strive to ensure that the project objectives are met or exceeded for delivery of results within agreed timelines. For more information get in touch using the form below or visit our contact page