Phage Display

Specificity, Affinity, Diversity

Discovery of Antibodies with Required Functionality

IONTAS' phage display libraries encompass a collection of over 40 billion distinct fully human antibodies allowing for the rapid selection of antibodies with high affinity and specificity. Antibodies are expressed in bacteria in an scFv format and can be rapidly configured into IgG or Fab format for expression in mammalian cell lines.

The scFv variable region genes (V-genes) that have been derived from IgM heavy (VH) and light chain (VL) gene sequences from over 40 consented naïve human donors using both peripheral human blood and tonsil as source material.


Typically IONTAS libraries show 99% of scFv having both VH and VL inserts with over 80% of clones expressing full length in-frame scFv. As a consequence, the IONTAS libraries are very large with rich diversity and are ideal for screening all antigen types for selection of functional and high affinity antibodies.

Key to successful antibody recovery is the process and screening regimes adopted during the discovery process. Our in depth knowledge of phage display and scientific expertise in antigen preparation, assay development and screening protocols has resulted in successful delivery in all our projects

Working with IONTAS

We offer bespoke services for each project and generate project plans and antibody screening regimes to deliver antibodies with the desired final characteristics. We strive to ensure that the project objectives are met or exceeded and have a 100% track record in delivering on our promises. Experienced project teams are assigned to each project for delivery of results within agreed timelines. For more information or a quote get in touch using the form below or visit our contact page