Mammalian Display

Antibody Discovery in Mammalian Cells


  • Ability to deep screen >1000 fold independent antibody clones in comparison to phage and hybridoma screening
  • Selection in mammalian background giving developability profiles comparative to manufacturing cell line
  • Applicable to antibody discovery and antibody optimisation, with power to fix “broken antibodies” for binding, developability and expression
  • Transcriptional normalisation through site specific integration into a single locus allowing for comparative display (expression) analysis
  • Starting antibody source agnostic (phage, yeast, synthetic, natural, mouse)

IONTAS offers a proprietary technology enabling the construction of massive libraries of stable cell lines displaying human antibodies on their surface. As well as generating an abundance of therapeutic antibody leads, the technology also addresses “developability” issues early in discovery thereby increasing the likelihood of successful progress through the development process.

IONTAS use gene editing technology to efficiently direct site-specific integration of antibody genes into a single locus within the mammalian cell genome. This enables construction of libraries of tens of millions of monoclonal stable cell lines displaying IgG-formatted antibodies on their surface. Using flow cytometry many millions of clones can be screened directly for high affinity and specificity. The technology can also identify and avoid clones with potential biophysical liabilities which could otherwise lead to costly delays or even product failure (as shown in the video presentation below)

Download Mammalian Display Poster

The technology also enables chain shuffling and affinity maturation as part of the screening process allowing the identification of antibodies with high affinities and/or improved developability profiles.

Working with IONTAS

We offer bespoke services for each project and generate project plans and antibody screening regimes to deliver antibodies with the desired final characteristics. We strive to ensure that the project objectives are met or exceeded and have a 100% track record in delivering on our promises. Experienced project teams are assigned to each project for delivery of results within agreed timelines. For more information or a quote get in touch using the form below or visit our contact page