IONTAS Founder and CEO John McCafferty appointed Affiliated Professor at DTU Bioengineering

Posted 18 December 2019

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DTU Appoints John McCafferty as Affiliated Professor


John McCafferty, founder and CEO at IONTAS and Director Ana Rute Neves from Chr. Hansen and have recently been appointed Affiliated Professors at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Bioengineering. Head of Department Bjarke Bak Christensen is proud that that two such highly qualified researchers will become affiliated with the department and says further:

"It is absolutely essential for DTU Bioengineering to have strong ties to industry and it is something that we have been working on purposefully for several years. I believe that these new affiliations will be of benefit to the department and to the two companies IONTAS and Chr. Hansen, that are both leading biotech companies at the forefront of research."

"The professorships fit very well into the strategic development of the department and Rute Neves and John McCafferty are going to help develop the department further within their fields of expertise."

"With his extensive insight and research background, John will help us strengthen phage display technology and our antibody discovery platforms, which have the potential to position the department at the forefront of biotherapeutics,” says Bjarke Bak Christensen.

John McCafferty is co-founder of Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT) and is one of the inventors of antibody phage display, a technology that has revolutionized monoclonal antibody drug discovery. He later formed IONTAS, an innovative biotechnology company using phage display to develop novel antibody therapeutics. At IONTAS he continues the development of ground-breaking technologies to help accelerate the development of novel drugs that target unmet medical needs. This includes a novel mammalian display platform and a novel antibody fusion format (“KnotBodies”) that facilitates the targeting of ion channels, GPCRs and proteases.

“I am delighted to receive this honour. DTU Bioengineering has a strong focus on biotechnology and the biological and molecular systems which are used in development of diagnostics and therapeutics. I look forward to building on the collaborations which we have already initiated” says John McCafferty about his appointment as Affiliated Professor at DTU Bioengineering.

IONTAS and DTU's on-going collaboration was recently featured in "10 Biopharma news stories of 2018"

Affiliated Professor
The title of Affiliated Professor is conferred on researchers of high academic standing whom the institution wishes to honour with this title and thereby associate more closely with the institution. The title can also be conferred on individuals who, without being researchers of high academic standing, possess qualifications at a high academic level. With the two new appointments, DTU has 39 affiliated professors.

John McCafferty
CEO and founder of IONTAS and one of the founders of Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT). He is well known as one of the inventors of antibody phage display. This technology has proved to be robust and has gone on to widespread use in commercial/academic groups worldwide. CAT developed the anti-TNF antibody that became HUMIRA, currently the world’s biggest-selling drug.  He has authored many peer-reviewed publications including publications in multiple high impact journals.

IONTAS is a biotechnology company focused on the development of novel antibody therapeutics. It employs its proven expertise in all key areas of therapeutic antibody discovery and development.