IONTAS R&D activities approved for French Research Tax Credit status

Posted 04 April 2019

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IONTAS has been granted approval for Partners to receive research tax credit based on our current research capabilities. The available tax credits will apply to antibody discovery programs using both phage display and mammalian display, allowing French companies to receive significant reimbursement from the French government when accessing IONTAS’s premium services.


Based on Article 244 quarter B of the French Fiscal code, French Partners can benefit from a tax credit of 30% of the cost for R&D services. The tax credit covers costs including salaries, social security contributions, amortization and depreciation allowances, operating costs, subcontracting, patents and monitoring. For further details on the CIR tax credit, click here.


Dr Neil Butt, IONTAS Chief Business Officer, commented “We are delighted to be able to provide our Partners access to this tax break from the French Government. This approval will facilitate access to our market leading antibody discovery technologies, resulting in faster antibody development for those that move ahead with Iontas.”


About IONTAS  

IONTAS is a biotechnology company focused on antibody discovery and cutting-edge technology development. IONTAS offers services for antibody discovery using Phage Display Technology; and the supply of bespoke phage display libraries. In addition, IONTAS offers proprietary antibody discovery platforms including Mammalian Display where full length antibodies are expressed in the context of a mammalian cell thereby allowing selection based on function, stability, expression and developability; IONTAS have also developed a novel “KnotBody” format which facilitates the targeting of antibodies to ion channels, GPCRs and proteases.


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