IONTAS Extends Antibody Engineering Capabilities by Licensing Mutagenesis Technology

Posted 21 February 2017

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Cambridge, UK – February 21st 2017 – IONTAS, Ltd, a leader in the discovery and optimisation of fully human monoclonal antibodies, today announced that it has entered into a Licence Agreement with the University of Turku (Finland) for the use of their patented mutagenesis technology. The method can be applied to antibody library construction and to the generation and optimisation of antibodies and other binding molecules. This technology will enable IONTAS to further develop its expertise in antibody discovery and engineering. "We are delighted to have gained access to this technology which will be applied to several areas of antibody discovery within the IONTAS service portfolio," said Dr John McCafferty, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of IONTAS. "IONTAS strives to innovate both internally and by licensing external technologies to ensure we can deliver the best antibody discovery and protein engineering platform to our Partners”. To date, IONTAS have entered into multiple antibody discovery and engineering projects with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies across the globe. The majority of these partnerships have expanded on the consistent delivery of specific, diverse and high affinity antibodies against desired antigens.

The University of Turku commented " We are constantly looking for partners for commercial utilization of research based innovations.  One of key missions of University is to exploit the research for the benefit of the society. We are extremely happy for this new collaboration with IONTAS Ltd “



From the discovery of phage display technology to the development of mammalian display, IONTAS has been at the cutting edge of antibody discovery and technology development. IONTAS offers Phage Display Technology services for antibody discovery and the supply of phage display libraries. In addition, IONTAS is developing proprietary antibody discovery platforms to select manufacturability traits during discovery and for targeting antibodies against ion channels.

About University of Turku

The University of Turku, founded in 1920, is located in Southwest Finland, in the city of Turku, and it has over 20,000 students and 3,000 staff members. Research at the University of Turku is diverse and international, and the strongest fields of research form the basis for new and interdisciplinary projects. The University’s strategic areas of research are Biofuture; Digital Futures; Cultural Memory and Social Change; Children, Young People and Learning; Drug Development and Diagnostics; and Sea and Maritime Studies. The University’s researchers participate in the writing of nearly 5,000 scientific articles or publications every year. 



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