Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics 2018 Europe

09-13 December 2018

San Diego, CA, USA

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Founder and CEO of IONTAS Dr John McCafferty will be speaking at the closing plenary session (Dec 13, 4:25pm) with his titled talk "Display Technology: Past, present and future" as part of a tribute to the 2018 Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Dr Kothai Parthiban will also be presenting our latest poster titled "Mammalian display: antibody discovery and developability screening" at poster location number "A12"

Poster abstract:  Using gene editing we have constructed large libraries of monoclonal stable cell lines where each cell contains a single antibody gene/cell inserted at a single locus. IgG-formatted antibodies are displayed on the cell surface permitting selection from the library of clones encoding desirable affinity, specificity, species cross-reactivity and "developability" properties using flow cytometry. Two case studies will be presented where antibodies with well documented poor biophysical characteristics were modelled to identify surface hydrophobic and positive charge patches, a library of variants created, and mammalian display used to select for antibodies with a superior developability profile. NGS analysis of selected antibody populations revealed sequence – developability relationships.

If you wish to meet to discuss mammalian display or your antibody discovery requirements please contact to arrange a meeting or come along and meet us at Kothai’s poster