Bespoke Phage Display Library Construction

IONTAS offers human phage display libraries derived from consented naive donor samples. These naive libraries are designed to be as large and diverse as IONTAS in-house libraries

Unmatched Library Size and Diversity

IONTAS phage display libraries encompass a collection of over 40 billion distinct fully human antibodies allowing for the rapid selection of antibodies with high affinity and specificity. We generate bespoke libraries for out-licensing on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. Library development includes a technology transfer program to assist Partners in becoming independent in antibody discovery. Our Libraries offer the following properties:


  • Over 40 Billion Antibodies
    >40 billion independent clones encoding full length scFv genes
  • High Diversity
    >99% clone diversity allowing for increased likelihood of identifying a range of specific, high affinity antibodies
  • Pre-validated Against Known Targets
    Each library is validated to ensure performance is size and diversity are equal or better than IONTAS internal libraries
  • Simple Swap to IgG Format
    Technology format that allows switching from scFv to IgG en masse

Working with IONTAS

We offer bespoke services for each project and generate project plans and antibody screening regimes to deliver antibodies with the desired final characteristics. We strive to ensure that the project objectives are met or exceeded and have a 100% track record in delivering on our promises. Experienced project teams are assigned to each project for delivery of results within agreed timelines. For more information or a quote get in touch using the form below or visit our contact page