Antibody Discovery and Optimization

Iontas uses fully human scFv libraries with over 40 billion distinct antibodies to deliver specific, high affnity antibodies.

Phage display offers the ability to screen a huge diversity of antibodies against a defined antigen to generate target specific, high affinity antibodies. IONTAS’ phage display service provides a means to rapidly idenitify antibodies for use in therapeutic or diagnostics applications.  

The discovery of antibodies as therapeutic or diagnostic candidates from phage display libraries requires significant expertize in ensuring good antigen presentation, assay development (including cell based functional assays) and screening regimes. The IONTAS scientific team can trace expertize back to the founding of fully human antibody phage display libraries and leverage that experience in the provison of services for antibody discovery. 

Based on Partner needs, and using a fully human single chain fragment variable (scFv) display library of 40 billion clones, we identify antibodies with pre-defined characteristics and properties. Using the “IONTAS library”, we have identified human antibodies with high affinities, specificity and species cross reactivity to a desired target. To date the majority of candidate antibodies have been isolated directly from our naive libraries without the need for affinity maturation.

These antibodies can be further developed to look at expression in mammalian cell lines (to observe yield and potential manufacturing issues early in the development process) and enhance binding properties using affinity maturation.


  • Diversity
    Highly diverse range of fully human antibodies generated from each Project
  • Safety
    Fully human antibodies have a propensity for low immunogenicity and tolerability
  • Affinity
    Sub-nM to nM binding affinities
  • Delivery
    100% delivery track record

Working with IONTAS

We offer bespoke services for each project and generate project plans and antibody screening regimes to deliver antibodies with the desired final characteristics. We strive to ensure that the project objectives are met or exceeded and have a 100% track record in delivering on our promises. Experienced project teams are assigned to each project for delivery of results within agreed timelines. For more information or a quote get in touch using the form below or visit our contact page