IONTAS was founded by John McCafferty the co-discoverer of antibody phage display for which Professor Greg Winter was awarded the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 2018. The company began operations in October 2012 by offering antibody discovery services via phage display. From the outset the company re-invested profits to increase the efficiency of antibody drug discovery process and to develop other display technologies. This resulted in the development of Mammalian Display, a novel platform for identifying high affinity, developable lead antibody candidates.

FairJourney Biologics was founded in 2012 by Maria Pajuelo and António Parada. Both gathered a highly specialized team of scientists to provide excellence services in antibody discovery and engineering. The fast growth and financial independence allowed to the company to expand capabilities and provide antibody and antigen production and functional and biophysical characterization later. Over the years, FairJourney Biologics deepened its expertise in immune approaches thru multiple species to tackle challenging targets. FairJourney Biologics has a dynamic culture that prompts a stable and strong partnership with biotech and pharma industries, academia, and virtual companies.

IONTAS and FairJourney Biologics combined capabilities in 2020 as a fee for service antibody discovery company. The combined operations allow a complete offering around antibody discovery. Uses fully validated naïve libraries with parallel immune approaches and the unrivalled mammalian display technology to optimise antibody discovery research. The team of more than 100 scientists, anchored in a high-profile network of advisors, has successfully completed more than 150 projects, with over 50 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.