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IONTAS offers Phage Display Technology services for antibody discovery and the supply of phage display libraries.

What We Do

IONTAS uses its proprietary technology to accelerate antibody drug discovery from target selection through to production and purification of fully human antibody for pre-clinical use. IONTAS management has a long track record of successfully generating human antibodies using phage libraries and are recognized as experts in antibody discovery. Key members of the IONTAS management team co-invented antibody phage display in the 1990s (US5885793, EP0844306 and related filings) which has become a standard technology for generating fully human antibodies. Phage display technology provides a rich source of antibody diversity, providing hundreds of unique antibody leads to a single target. Nuances in screening regimes can introduce further attributes necessary for successful downstream development, e.g., potency, specificity, cross-reactivity and stability.

IONTAS currently offers Phage Display Technology services that include antibody discovery and the supply of phage display libraries (both exclusive and non-exclusive). In addition, IONTAS is developing other proprietary antibody discovery platforms to enhance the possibilities of generating antibodies against difficult targets such as ion channels.

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